Hanging out with the Trail Dames

A gathering of outdoor women that now occurs every other year, the Trail Dames Summit is a weekend of workshops and empowerment for embracing the outdoors.

Kayaking Branson

A paddling trip down Branson’s Lake Taneycomo moves at a much more rapid pace than we expect as John puts his talents to work snapping photos of our flotilla.

Visiting the Eiteljorg Museum

In downtown Indianapolis, the Eiteljorg Museum tells the other story of the West, that of the Native Americans who for generations called the open plains their home.

John versus the Flushmaster

Home repairs aren’t as simple as they seem. We try to get our toilet under control before a major trip, and discover that modern plumbing parts just aren’t what they used to be.

Exploring Baraboo, Wisconsin

In Baraboo, Wisconsin after Chicago, we realized there were more people riding with us on the “el” than I think live in Baraboo, and we quickly found more things to do in Baraboo than time to do them.

Visiting the National Corvette Museum

Corvette lovers rejoice! The National Corvette Museum is your mecca for all things Corvette, from classic cars to memorabilia from Corvette clubs worldwide

Disappearing Home

An old friend of the family retired a few years ago. Like me, his career ended earlier than he had planned. Without a reason to stay in the area, he loaded up all his belongings in a trailer and in the back of his truck. He relocated and started a new life.