Two Parks, Two Stories

A duo of state parks near Manistique – Palms Book and Fayette – showcases two very different periods of Michigan history in two outstanding natural settings.

Finding Petoskey Stones

Where should you search for Petoskey stones? Petoskey, Michigan, of course! On our explorations by bike of this coastal town, we found our fair share. Here’s where to look and how to make them shine.

Riding the Big Rapids Riverwalk

Along the Muskegon River in Michigan, Big Rapids Riverwalk stretches several miles through the heart of Big Rapids, with scenic views of – you guessed it – river rapids from this linear park that links with the White Pine Trail.

The Art of Pasaquan

A story that must be shown: Pasaquan, the artistic expression of a man whose visions led him to embrace all belief systems and make up one of his own

Ready for Launch

Living on Florida’s Space Coast, you’re either wowed by rocket launches or take them as a matter of course. I’m new enough to be wowed by living on the edge of space and being part of a family who worked on the space program.

Men, Mining, and Mineral Point

Preservation of the rich mining history of Mineral Point, Wisconsin, traces its roots to a couple who decided to restore miners’ cottages by opening a restaurant called Pendarvis.

The Pint-sized Ponces of Punta Gorda

Ponce de Leon, it seems, was a short fellow. In Punta Gorda, Florida, you’ll find pint-sized statues, murals, and even the Fountain of Youth to recollect his 1513 visit to Charlotte Harbor.

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

President Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia home and plantation of Monticello offers a glimpse into the early life of our country, and his role as a Founding Father of the United States.

Being, in Palolem

Arriving on the shores of Palolem after six weeks of adventures across India and Nepal, my sister Sally and I were ready for some quiet time and a place to heal.