Carl Sandburg Home
Carl Sandburg’s living room and a portion of his library at Flat Rock, North Carolina

Great authors, creative souls, artistic minds: all need time and space to create, and a well to dip into for inspiration. Leaving the chill of the Great Lakes behind for the serenity of a mountain retreat energized Carl Sandburg, American author and poet of the working man. He had to call in quite a few favors with publishers to amass the $45,000 or so he needed to buy this rural retreat in Flat Rock, North Carolina, a swath of land called Connemara with a home built by a member of the Confederate cabinet.

Carl’s wife, Lillian, raised goats – prize-winning, world-acclaimed goats, so where better to alight than a farm? With mountain trails to roam and views in every direction, it soothed the soul; with Carl’s vast and growing collection of research books, it fed his mind. He wrote his famed multi-volume biography of Lincoln here, created poetry, and sang folk songs on the front porch.

After his passing, the National Park Service approached Lillian about buying the farm, and she included everything – dishes, clothes, books, appliances – to keep Carl’s memory alive. It’s a testament to them both, a melding of creative spirits, and a delight to roam.

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