Last Moments of Wild

At Dos De Enero Ranch along the boundary of Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile, I witnessed the last moments of the fiery spirit of this wild stallion.

Hillside Vineyard

While walking along Panoramaweg, a scenic trail above Baden-Baden, Germany, I saw the perfect symmetry and texture of this vineyard that climbed up and over a hill.

Cornfields and wind farms

Crossing Indiana twice in our travels, I was introduced to a scene I’d not seen before in America: miles and miles of wind turbines turning slowly above the cornfields of the heartland, churning out energy.

Hiking Michigan’s Upper Pensinsula

Upper Michigan provides an outstanding number of hiking trails to roam. I started walking them in 2006. The terrain is similar to Florida, with steep climbs only found along the escarpments around the Great Lakes. Here is a peek at a handful of trails.

Cherry on Top

Art and nature come together in downtown Minneapolis with the whimsical Spoonbridge and Cherry forming the core of a creative collection in the free Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center.

Three Sisters at Niagara Falls

Three Sisters: that was our journey, until we lost Sue. Our road trip across Ontario was the first time we’d traveled together as adults. It wouldn’t be our last.

Rio Grande Gorge

In the distance, it isn’t obvious. A simple gash across the landscape, a ribbon of earth in a wave of green and gold vegetation. The Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico.

Hocking Hills: Full of Hikers

Full of geologic wonders that you wouldn’t expect to find in Ohio, Hocking Hills State Park is a big draw for hikers, worth the trip to get there.

Finding Trafalgar Square

It was my first overnight in London, a mere 18 hours to soak in the ambiance before I re-entered the United States after a three month absence. Without looking for it, I found Trafalgar Square.