Backpacking Isle Royale National Park

What’s the best way to see Isle Royale National Park, the least visited and most remote National Park in the continental United States? Explore its rocky ridges and dense woods by backpacking across it.

Going Barefoot

One of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, Barefoot Beach in North Naples is a sandy ribbon two miles long with a 2-mile hiking loop to access Wiggins Pass.

The Great Swamp Sanctuary 

Protecting the swamp forest where the Ashepoo River rises, Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Great Swamp Sanctuary, offers more than 4 miles of trails for exploration of the swamp.

Stalking the Wild Venus Flytrap

Where do you find a Venus fly-trap in its native habitat? Within a 75 mile radius of Wilmington, North Carolina. Hikers, of course, have the upper hand in finding this tiny carnivore in the wild.

The Wilmington Riverwalk

Stretching the length of downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, the Wilmington Riverwalk ties together interests as diverse as the city itself, from dining to boatbuilding

Spirit of Standing Bear

A joyful spirit peering out of an antique washing machine cheered me up as we reached Standing Bear Farm after days of soaking rain on the Appalachian Trail.

Hiking across an Icelandic volcano

John takes a hike across Hengilssvæðið (Hengill), the nearest active volcano to Reykjavik, with boiling springs and other geothermal features along its 140 km network of hiking trails.

The Indiana Cave Trail

Four show caves in Southern Indiana make up the Indiana Cave Trail, providing close encounters of the underground kind with unusual karst features

Mountain biking at FATS

One of the top mountain biking destinations in the Southeast, FATS is a collection of 37 miles of well-designed and fun trails in six loops from one trailhead near Clarks Hill, South Carolina.