Sip of Wine

At Cuvee, I discovered pay-per-sip, where hundreds of bottles of wine are set up with machinery that delivers a set amount of wine based on a per-ounce charge

Frei Die Toiletten!

I’ve been piddling away Euros these past two weeks while piddling in Germany. In my youth, pay toilets were uncomfortably common in the USA, thankfully no more.

Moon Shot

I lucked into this daylight shot in Titusville at Dicerandra Scrub Preserve, no tripod, with my Nikon D-80. Perhaps the stars were in alignment?

Welcome Home

There’s always been a certain magic about crossing the Florida state line. It’s not that the terrain looks any different than South Georgia. But it’s Florida.

Χριστός Ανέστη!

Holy Week is the most important week in the Orthodox calendar, and Easter evening its culmination. This is the worship service in Corfu Town at midnight.

Jumper at HITS

Spectators at Horses in the Sun, an annual event in Ocala, can watch nearly a dozen rings where riders pit their skill against each other in time trials. 

Heaven Scent

If heaven is on earth, it is cloaked with the mysterious and pure scent of camellias in spring, the aroma of a stroll through Magnolia Gardens in Charleston

Finding Grace

Visiting Charleston’s gardens with Mom this week, we found Grace in the gardens, a bonding experience and a way to work through grief and memories of the past.

The Spaces Between

Conceived in the art deco era and shaded by a canopy of ancient oaks, the Maitland Art Center is, in part, a fantasy of a Mayan temple.

The Mangrove

At the very end of the Main Park Road in Everglades National Park, I captured this lone mangrove just offshore from the wrack line along Florida Bay.

Kinomagewapkong: Rocks that Teach

Hidden in deep woods in the rocky, lake-dotted landscape northeast of Toronto, a sacred treasure is etched in stone: the petroglyphs of Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Kinomagewapkong, the rocks that teach.