Pay toilet in Germany
A pay toilet the size of a portalet along the Wanderwasserweg (Water Hiking Trail) in Marlow, Germany
I’ve been piddling away Euros these past two weeks while piddling in Germany. In my youth, pay toilets were uncomfortably common in urban areas and certain mid-range department stores, Kmart, Newberries, and the like. Ah, the agony of a young girl needing to pee doing the ants in the pants dance while Mom is digging through her purse for a dime or quarter!

And so I say to my German sisters: frei die toiletten! It’s time for a sit-down protest of the pay toilet. When Americans started refusing to use them – because a savvy shopkeeper offered free next door – the pay toilet became a dinosaur, disappearing by the early 1970s. Everyone has to pee, and those who don’t want to pay at German toilets already find a place to do it outside.

Obviously, it’s the women who need to lead this sit-down protest. Take it to the seats, and do it for the sake of your own little girls, dammen!