Space shuttle Atlantis
John and Jim both worked on Atlantis during their careers
With two generations of career space workers in our family, and a house that looks out over rocket launches, it’s no wonder that the topic of space travel slips into our stories now and again.

When we were younger, we both looked at space as somewhere we might visit someday. The moon, at the very least. Fifty years after the moon landing, however, we don’t plan to pay the big bucks to orbit as a space tourist. But we’re happy to pursue stories about space as we travel around the country.

Many play out in our own backyard. John’s previous career spanned three decades with the Space Shuttle program. His father worked every manned program from Mercury to the Space Shuttle. We still have many friends who work at Kennedy Space Center, and know many more who’ve retired from the many government contractors that supported all of the programs.

Since our interest in space is an ongoing journey – highlighted in 2019 as the Year of Apollo at Kennedy Space Center – we hope you enjoy reading through these stories.

Finding Space

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