We believe in travel as a journey through life, savoring the moments as we go. While we often have destinations that we must get to for some reason or another, to attend a conference or to visit friends or family, our trips usually involve many stops along the way.

Follow our journeys in real time on Instagram, or retrace our steps when planning your own trips by taking a look at the places we’ve roamed. Each journey includes articles, videos, and an itinerary of where we visited. You can get from-the-road reports by signing up for our mailing list in the sidebar.

Thematic Journeys

Journeys around a theme, with destinations scattered across time and space.

Road Trips

Making it up as we go along, we end up with an itinerary for you to follow by the time we finish the drive. Come along for the ride!

Tours & Treks

Taking on mileage under our own power once we've arrived at a destination, by foot, bike, and paddle.


Journeys requiring a flight to a distant place where we don't - or choose not to - do the driving ourselves after we arrive, but leave most of the details of our exploration to the hands of tour operators and travel planners.