Yarnbombing Long Island MuseumThe idea was to find new-to-us bike paths as we road-tripped up to the annual ALDHA Gathering to participate in the 50th Anniversary of the National Trail System. But Mother Nature had other plans. Hurricane Michael was hot on our heels as we hit North Georgia, so we picked up our pace to keep out of the worst of the weather. However, the rains reached the entire Eastern Seaboard. So once we reached the Shenandoah Valley, we started visiting museums instead.

Between the rain and the bitter cold weather than followed, we were only able to get a handful of bike rides and hikes during the entire three week trip. Highlights of the journey included our time in the Shenandoah Valley; our first-ever exploration on Long Island, which we found to be delightfully like New England once you get beyond the urban spillover of New York City; and finally visiting the Morris Museum in New Jersey, which has the top collection of Victorian-era automata in the United States.

PLANNING RESOURCES: Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley | Shippensburg PA | Morris County NJ | Discover Long Island | Harpers Ferry WV | Visit Wytheville


Historic Stony Brook Mill NY Stony Brook, New York - Surprised by the New England feel of Stony Brook, we lingered over museums and parks, soaking in history on our overnight visit to Long Island's North Shore.
The Road to Saltville - Intrigued by a series of seemingly random suggestions that we take a trip to Saltville, Virginia, we discovered why getting there is so fascinating.



Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

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Central Pennsylvania

New Jersey

Oyster Bay, New York

Harbor Mist, Cold Spring Harbor
Magnolia Cafe, Planting Fields

Stony Brook, New York

Roslyn, New York

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Harpers Ferry National Historic Park
Wetlands Museum
The Point
A Place in Time Museum

Front Royal to Natural Bridge, Virginia

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Wytheville, Virginia

Wytheville Visitor Center
Willow Brook Homestead
Great Lakes to Florida Museum
Big Walker Mountain
The Bluegrass Trail (VA 42)

Saltville, Virginia

Museum of the Middle Appalachians
Salt Works Park
Salt Ponds Recreation Area
TRs Restaurant


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