It’s both easy and hard to come home after roaming around the world. After 14,000 miles and more logged on planes, buses, taxis, and vans, I’m pooped out. Patagonia was all I expected and more. Broad expanses of desert-like scrub. Ghostly cypress forests draped in moss. Penguins and sea lions, nandu and flamingos.

Condors soaring above lakes the color of robin’s eggs, of leafy glades, and of fine fabrics. An unexpected and tumultuous boat ride to the very face of a glacier, a tongue of one of the largest ice fields on the planet. Erosion in action, and wind that lives and breathes and scares the living daylights out of you.

I’ll be writing about my adventures over time, and for now, will share my Patagonian adventure through the camera lens. Meanwhile, time to prep for NaNoWriMo, which starts tomorrow!

Ecocamp, Torres Del Paine
EcoCamp was a fabulous base camp for my Torres Del Paine adventure
Flamingos  in Chile
Flamingos in a salt pond at altitude. Who knew?
Hiking towards nandu, a cousin of the alpaca
Cueva de Milodon Chile
Visiting the Cueva de Milodon, as referenced in Bruce Chatwin’s book
Glacier Grey Chile
The stunning face of Glacier Grey
Torres del Paine
Every view of the towers was just outstanding
Single lane bridge to Ecocamp Chile
Single lane bridge to Ecocamp
Bridge to Lago Grey
The bridge to Lago Grey swung sideways in a wind gust on the return trip and I hung on for dear life
hike near Salto Grande
Following orange blazes on a hike near Salto Grande