Wine-o-matic at Cuvee Wine & Bistro
Wine-o-matic at Cuvee Wine & Bistro, Ocala
One of the more recent trends in bistros is the pay-per-sip, which involves hundreds of bottles of wine set up with elaborate machinery that delivers a set amount of wine based on a per-ounce charge via a debit card. It’s the Automat of the Wine Connoisseur age, fun to watch in action as patrons buzz around the bistro peeking into corners to decide on their next tasting.

I found this array behind me while dining at Cuvee Wine & Bistro in Ocala tonight. It was one of the simpler stations; more elaborate ones were near the bar. Interpretive information, much like a wine trail, is provided beneath each bottle.

Love the concept, but a designated driver is a must.