The “Pennsylvania Rocks” of the Appalachian Trail are legendary. It’s not that other parts of the Appalachian Trail have no rocks, but in Pennsylvania, they come in every size and simply can’t be avoided.

Hiking Roots

No stronger sense of place shaped my life and my future than the setting of my childhood home. On our recent trip to the ALDHA Gathering, I walked the Appalachian Trail of my youth to seek out memories.

Fall Color on Skyline Drive

Enjoy the glorious colors of autumn leaves along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park in October. The 105-mile historic parkway offers unparalleled vistas.

Spirit of Standing Bear

A joyful spirit peering out of an antique washing machine cheered me up as we reached Standing Bear Farm after days of soaking rain on the Appalachian Trail.

Summer Stretch on the AT

Our plan was to knock off another section of our AT hike while already in the mountains of Tennessee for the Trail Dames Summit. It took only a few days to realize that mid-July is not an ideal time to backpack the southern Appalachians.

Hanging out with the Trail Dames

A gathering of outdoor women that now occurs every other year, the Trail Dames Summit is a weekend of workshops and empowerment for embracing the outdoors.

Bearfence Mountain

Bearfence Mountain was the first challenge I met while hiking the Appalachian Trail. I hung this photo up at work to keep my dream of thru-hiking the AT alive.

Taking Shelter in the Smokies

In spring, hiker’s thoughts turn to the Appalachian Trail, the granddaddy of all long distance hiking trails in America. In the Smokies, you must stay in the shelters.