Liberty Aviation Museum

Vintage airplanes, military vehicles, automobiles, PT boats, memorabilia, and a diner: an eclectic collection evoking World War II surprised us at the Liberty Aviation Museum.

First on the Moon

North of Dayton, surrounded by farms, the Ohio town of Wapakoneta celebrates its biggest claim to fame: it’s the hometown of Neil Armstrong and home to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum.

Walterboro’s Tuskegee Airmen

More than 500 of the Tuskegee Airman learned advanced aerial combat training at Walterboro Army Air Field. This memorial on the grounds of Lowcountry Regional Airport tells their story.

Taking Flight

At Wright Brothers National Memorial in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, walk in the footsteps of Orville and Wilbur at Kill Devil Hill to learn how the brothers from Dayton, Ohio, discovered how to fly