Alfred B. Maclay Gardens

One of Florida’s finest formal gardens, Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park began its life in 1923 and contains one of the most impressive camellia collections in the South.

Heaven Scent

If heaven is on earth, it is cloaked with the mysterious and pure scent of camellias in spring, the aroma of a stroll through Magnolia Gardens in Charleston

The Chattahoochee You Don’t Know

A chance meeting with botanist Leigh Brooks leads me to a tour of Chattahoochee’s botanical wonders and an introduction to famed Florida botanist Angus Gholson.

Pelicans, Skimmers, and the Jungle

A family visit to McKee Gardens for research on Exploring Florida’s Botanical Wonders, paired with Pelican Island, brought back memories of our 1960s trips.

Butterfly World

Working on research for Exploring Florida’s Botanical Wonders while in Broward County, I had the opportunity to visit Butterfly World for the first time.