Quebec’s Ice Hotel

Inside Quebec’s own Ice Hotel, the Hotel de Glace, shiver for the sake of exploring some incredible impermanent art carved in ice and snow.

Dogsledding in Quebec

For a chilly thrill in the dead of winter in Quebec, there’s nothing like racing through the snowy forests of Duchesnay behind a team of sled dogs who know their stuff.

Bonhomme Nights

The spirit of Quebec’s Winter Carnival is Bonhomme, a jovial snowman who towers larger than life over the festivities. As we explore Quebec City, we find Bonhomme everywhere we go.

Three Sisters at Niagara Falls

Three Sisters: that was our journey, until we lost Sue. Our road trip across Ontario was the first time we’d traveled together as adults. It wouldn’t be our last.

Kinomagewapkong: Rocks that Teach

Hidden in deep woods in the rocky, lake-dotted landscape northeast of Toronto, a sacred treasure is etched in stone: the petroglyphs of Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Kinomagewapkong, the rocks that teach.