Stony Brook, New York

Surprised by the New England feel of Stony Brook, we lingered over museums and parks, soaking in history on our overnight visit to Long Island’s North Shore.

Tuneup at Ford’s Garage

It’s not every day that a car guy finds a car-themed restaurant that hits the spot, both for great food and great memories. Discovering Ford’s Garage in Estero tuned us up to tackle a long travel day.

Mission Relaxation

To truly let you unwind, a trip to Mackinac Island needs to be a few days long. Having historic Mission Point Resort as our home base provided us a calm, relaxing stay.

A Day in Paradise

It’s just another day in Paradise for us, except we actually are in Paradise, Michigan, an excellent base camp for visiting Taquamenon Falls and Whitefish Point.

Spacefrog in the Lobster Pot

A morning adventure in which we avoid Battlefrog and find Spacefrog instead after a bear-scented walk through a scrub forest on the Florida Trail.

Rusty & Paulas

A surprise stop along US 301 in Bamberg, South Carolina leads us to a heaping helping of fine Southern cooking at Rusty and Paula’s.

The Wilmington Riverwalk

Stretching the length of downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, the Wilmington Riverwalk ties together interests as diverse as the city itself, from dining to boatbuilding

I’m a Lumberjack (or so I thought)

Lumberjacks in Pigeon Forge? That’s what we found on a visit to the Great Smoky Mountains, learning a bit of history and culture at the Great Smoky Mountain Lumberjack Feud Dinner Show.

Exploring Baraboo, Wisconsin

In Baraboo, Wisconsin after Chicago, we realized there were more people riding with us on the “el” than I think live in Baraboo, and we quickly found more things to do in Baraboo than time to do them.