On a Mission with Space Shuttle Atlantis

Thirty years. Six spacecraft. 135 missions. Learn the rich history of the Space Shuttle program inside Space Shuttle Atlantis, a compelling exhibit space at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, with its primary focus the orbiter Atlantis.

Winter at Orlando Wetlands Park

Winter is the best time to visit Orlando Wetlands Park, a prime birding destination located along SR 50 between Orlando and Titusville in the small town of Christmas.

Daybreak, with Dolphins

On an auspicious morning, the appearance of a pod of dolphins in the Indian River Lagoon brings comfort as daylight seeps into summer skies.

Auto Know Lake City

It takes a real car guy to find these offbeat treasure troves of auto-related antiques scattered around the quiet little city of Lake City in North Florida.

Spacefrog in the Lobster Pot

A morning adventure in which we avoid Battlefrog and find Spacefrog instead after a bear-scented walk through a scrub forest on the Florida Trail.

Going Barefoot

One of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, Barefoot Beach in North Naples is a sandy ribbon two miles long with a 2-mile hiking loop to access Wiggins Pass.

New France and the River of May

The story of Florida’s settlement unfolds in 1562,¬†when Jean Ribault directed his fleet to the mouth of a great river in the New World. He declared the land for France and the waterway “The River of May.” A series of historic sites in North Florida tell the French story.

To Spanish Shores

Exploring Florida’s Spanish history up the St. Johns River to the shores south of St. Augustine, with time spent meandering around Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, on the site of the Mala Compara Plantation.

The Gardens of Dorothy B. Oven Park

Only seven acres in size, Dorothy B. Oven Park is a Tallahassee garden beloved by locals but little known outside the city, developed on a former nursery established by one of Florida’s earliest camellia growers.