Florida and the CCC

Highlands Hammock State Park is home to the Florida CCC Museum, which recounts the story of the Civilian Conservation Corps contributions to Florida, particularly to the state park system.

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens

One of Florida’s finest formal gardens, Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park began its life in 1923 and contains one of the most impressive camellia collections in the South.

Goodwood Museum and Gardens

Florida’s antebellum charm shines at Goodwood Museum and Gardens, where the wealth of generations fills the home and the grandeur of heirloom gardens provides a peaceful setting.

John versus the Flushmaster

Home repairs aren’t as simple as they seem. We try to get our toilet under control before a major trip, and discover that modern plumbing parts just aren’t what they used to be.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom with Mom

Inter-generational travel meets girlfriend getaway when you get to know Mom better on a trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, reliving childhood memories while making new ones.

Houseboat on the St. Johns River

For an unforgettable journey through a wild, unruly part of Central Florida that you wouldn’t imagine exists, rent a houseboat and pilot it north from Deland to Lake George.

Dolphin Watching with Sea Excursions

Cruise through the Ten Thousand Islands of Everglades National Park and set foot on a pristine barrier island while tracking the behavior of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins with Sea Excursions, based on Marco Island.

Choosing the Light

I spent this week on the road in the typical whirlwind of updating a guidebook. As I drove home, I reached a fork in the road, a decision point. And I took it. Yogi Berra would be proud.