The Mangrove

At the very end of the Main Park Road in Everglades National Park, I captured this lone mangrove just offshore from the wrack line along Florida Bay.

Dreaming Florida

Florida settled into my soul like a fine mist during my childhood, thanks to my father’s dreams. In the late 1950s, he came to stay with family in West Palm Beach to recuperate from major life changes he’d experienced, from the loss of his father to his mother’s remarriage and his dream of college slipping away.

Once in a Blue Moon

In Big Cypress, a full moon means savoring the mystery of the swamps brushed by moonlight, the cypress domes aglow, the night air filled with chirps and squawks.

She-inal at Punta Gorda Dairy Queen

One of Florida’s oddities is in the toilet. Really. It’s a woman’s urinal called a Sheinal, developed in Florida and installed in businesses around the state. This one in Punta Gorda is the only one we know of, now a virtual museum piece.

Okeechobee Inspiration

On the Big O Hike, I can unplug. No computer tether for ten days, no cell phone til afternoons, awakening before dawn every morning to enjoy the zen of walking.

The Chattahoochee You Don’t Know

A chance meeting with botanist Leigh Brooks leads me to a tour of Chattahoochee’s botanical wonders and an introduction to famed Florida botanist Angus Gholson.

At the Governor’s Mansion

Mom told me she’d read an article about how the Governor’s Mansion now had a library devoted to Florida authors. “You should be in there!” she said. Now I am. I learned what fourth graders think about authors, too.

Secret Gems of the Suwannee

Four springs, interconnected waterways: the springs along the Suwannee River basin provide a fascinating look into the weird world of the Floridan Aquifer.