Key West by Ferry

Using the Key West Express ferryboat instead of spending ten hours driving, we slipped away from Fort Myers Beach for an overnight adventure exploring the best of Key West.

Pineapple Beach Club, Antigua

Watching sunrise from a rocky promontory at a resort in Antigua, I discover the gift of travel includes the gift of time.

See Rock City!

Perched atop Lookout Mountain above Chattanooga, Rock City is an iconic rock garden and vintage theme park that the whole family will enjoy.

Finding Peace in a Garden

On a June trip to Duluth, the surprise discovery of a garden hidden in the woods along the Superior Hiking Trail at Enger Tower helped ease the pain of losing a loved one.

Wilmington’s Gardens

From azaleas to pitcher plants, Wilmington, NC, offers the most diverse spectrum of gardens we’ve seen in the South. Thank the thousands of gardeners who live in the area and spend their time cultivating these sensory riches.

Rose-Colored Memories at Edisto Memorial Gardens

A visit to the pride of Orangeburg, South Carolina, Edisto Memorial Gardens, on Mother’s Day. Partly set under a canopy of ancient cypress, these gardens have delighted generations of visitors.

The Gardens of Dorothy B. Oven Park

Only seven acres in size, Dorothy B. Oven Park is a Tallahassee garden beloved by locals but little known outside the city, developed on a former nursery established by one of Florida’s earliest camellia growers.

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Home to the Blarney Stone, Blarney Castle in County Cork, Ireland, lets you experience the intersection of history and legend amid a spread of spectacular gardens.

Glimpsing Iowa’s prairie past

At the Dubuque Arboretum & Botanical Gardens in Iowa, their tallgrass prairie habitat is a small but compelling corner of the 56-acre complex, a symphony of colors and textures in summer.