Stalking the Wild Venus Flytrap

Where do you find a Venus fly-trap in its native habitat? Within a 75 mile radius of Wilmington, North Carolina. Hikers, of course, have the upper hand in finding this tiny carnivore in the wild.

Rose-Colored Memories at Edisto Memorial Gardens

A visit to the pride of Orangeburg, South Carolina, Edisto Memorial Gardens, on Mother’s Day. Partly set under a canopy of ancient cypress, these gardens have delighted generations of visitors.

Spirit of Standing Bear

A joyful spirit peering out of an antique washing machine cheered me up as we reached Standing Bear Farm after days of soaking rain on the Appalachian Trail.

Hiking across an Icelandic volcano

John takes a hike across Hengilssvæðið (Hengill), the nearest active volcano to Reykjavik, with boiling springs and other geothermal features along its 140 km network of hiking trails.

Iceland’s Hot Stuff

Iceland is hot. Our September 2014 exploration of the country let us come face-to-face with steaming hot geologic features that are otherworldly in nature.

Tony, Cal, and John de la Howe

A passion for history led Anthony Warren to a lifetime hobby of research on Dr. John de la Howe, benefactor of the John de la Howe School in South Carolina and the subject of Warren’s novel, Lethe.

Atlantic City’s True Nature

Atlantic City, New Jersey, isn’t where you’d expect a nature trail. But the 1.1 mile AC Waterfront Sculpture Walk, a great birding destination, leads you along a panorama of Atlantic City’s wild spaces.

In Awe of Stonehenge

An iconic Neolithic site known around the world, there is only one Stonehenge. As we discovered, it’s worth the journey to stand on this windy hillside in England in order to understand its allure and power.