Jamestown: History’s Mysteries

At Historic Jamestowne, history is a living, breathing thing, changing daily according to the finds pieced together at the archaeological digs in America’s oldest English settlement

New France and the River of May

The story of Florida’s settlement unfolds in 1562, when Jean Ribault directed his fleet to the mouth of a great river in the New World. He declared the land for France and the waterway “The River of May.” A series of historic sites in North Florida tell the French story.

To Spanish Shores

Exploring Florida’s Spanish history up the St. Johns River to the shores south of St. Augustine, with time spent meandering around Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, on the site of the Mala Compara Plantation.

Remembering Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur, 1999: these images are a moment in time from a journey to Nepal where my sister and I savored the beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, since stricken by an earthquake.

Florida and the CCC

Highlands Hammock State Park is home to the Florida CCC Museum, which recounts the story of the Civilian Conservation Corps contributions to Florida, particularly to the state park system.

Absecon Lighthouse

First lit in 1857, it’s the third tallest lighthouse in the United States, 171 feet tall. Yet it’s tough to spot Absecon Lighthouse when you scan the skyline of Atlantic City.

Taking the Waters at French Lick

One destination, two hotels with classic European spas: in Indiana! Since the 1840s, French Lick and West Baden Springs have welcomed guests taking the waters.

Kissing the Blarney Stone

Home to the Blarney Stone, Blarney Castle in County Cork, Ireland, lets you experience the intersection of history and legend amid a spread of spectacular gardens.

Tony, Cal, and John de la Howe

A passion for history led Anthony Warren to a lifetime hobby of research on Dr. John de la Howe, benefactor of the John de la Howe School in South Carolina and the subject of Warren’s novel, Lethe.