Byzantine Echoes in Ioannina

Founded by the Emperor Justinian in the 6th Century AD, the Greek city of Ioannina retains echoes of its Byzantine past in its historic sites and its artisans of the present.

Carl Sandburg’s Home

Great authors, creative souls, artistic minds: all need time and space to create, and a well to dip into for inspiration. Carl Sandburg found it in the mountains of North Carolina.

Finding Trafalgar Square

It was my first overnight in London, a mere 18 hours to soak in the ambiance before I re-entered the United States after a three month absence. Without looking for it, I found Trafalgar Square.

Gateway to Gathland

At Gathland State Park in Maryland, this smaller stone arch is almost forgotten with the heavy significance of the War Correspondents Memorial arch just around the corner.

Kinomagewapkong: Rocks that Teach

Hidden in deep woods in the rocky, lake-dotted landscape northeast of Toronto, a sacred treasure is etched in stone: the petroglyphs of Petroglyphs Provincial Park, Kinomagewapkong, the rocks that teach.

More scenes of Santiago

Our trip to Pomaire was unexpectedly redirected to a walking tour in Santiago in the historic district of Santa Lucia, followed by unplanned shopping stops

Cerro Santa Lucia

Cerro Santa Lucia is a forested and steep hill in the middle of the city, where Santiago was founded in 1541. It is ringed with historical sites and public gardens.

Presidential Palace in Santiago

Arriving in Santiago, Chile, with a jet-lagged induced headache and a full morning’s wait for my hotel room, I saw the city via tour bus for an overview to allow me to ramble the streets later on my trip.

Images from Santiago

On only two hours sleep in 48 hours, I took a very thorough bus tour of Santiago, Chile, with a couple of stops for walking tours.