Jamestown: History’s Mysteries

At Historic Jamestowne, history is a living, breathing thing, changing daily according to the finds pieced together at the archaeological digs in America’s oldest English settlement

New France and the River of May

The story of Florida’s settlement unfolds in 1562, when Jean Ribault directed his fleet to the mouth of a great river in the New World. He declared the land for France and the waterway “The River of May.” A series of historic sites in North Florida tell the French story.

Florida and the CCC

Highlands Hammock State Park is home to the Florida CCC Museum, which recounts the story of the Civilian Conservation Corps contributions to Florida, particularly to the state park system.

Motorcycle Museum of Iceland

Horsepower has a different meaning in Akureyri than the rest of Iceland. It’s home to the Motorcycle Museum of Iceland, an impressive collection of working vintage motorbikes.

The National Corvette Museum

The Chevrolet Corvette is a car with its own cult following, which the National Corvette Museum supports with its museum, events, and a Hall of Fame in Kentucky.

Visiting the Eiteljorg Museum

In downtown Indianapolis, the Eiteljorg Museum tells the other story of the West, that of the Native Americans who for generations called the open plains their home.

Goodwood Museum and Gardens

Florida’s antebellum charm shines at Goodwood Museum and Gardens, where the wealth of generations fills the home and the grandeur of heirloom gardens provides a peaceful setting.