On a Bartram Adventure Tour

On a guided Bartram Adventure Tour, we hiked, biked, and paddled to follow the travels of William and John Bartram along the St. Johns River on the newly designated Bartram National Recreation Trail, centered in Palatka, Florida.

Hiking Roots

No stronger sense of place shaped my life and my future than the setting of my childhood home. On our recent trip to the ALDHA Gathering, I walked the Appalachian Trail of my youth to seek out memories.

Sailing Yorktown

On our visit to Yorktown, I saw the city as the French first did in 1781, when the fleet of Admiral De Grassein arrived to support General Washington’s attack on Yorktown.

Jamestown: History’s Mysteries

At Historic Jamestowne, history is a living, breathing thing, changing daily according to the finds pieced together at the archaeological digs in America’s oldest English settlement

New France and the River of May

The story of Florida’s settlement unfolds in 1562, when Jean Ribault directed his fleet to the mouth of a great river in the New World. He declared the land for France and the waterway “The River of May.” A series of historic sites in North Florida tell the French story.

Summer Stretch on the AT

Our plan was to knock off another section of our AT hike while already in the mountains of Tennessee for the Trail Dames Summit. It took only a few days to realize that mid-July is not an ideal time to backpack the southern Appalachians.

Hiking Michigan’s Upper Pensinsula

Upper Michigan provides an outstanding number of hiking trails to roam. I started walking them in 2006. The terrain is similar to Florida, with steep climbs only found along the escarpments around the Great Lakes. Here is a peek at a handful of trails.