Liberty Aviation Museum

Vintage airplanes, military vehicles, automobiles, PT boats, memorabilia, and a diner: an eclectic collection evoking World War II surprised us at the Liberty Aviation Museum.

Puttering Around Put-in-Bay

Puttering around Put-in-Bay, Ohio, in a rented golf cart, I was able to explore this island in Lake Erie at a relaxed pace while learning about its history.

Top-Of-The-Lake Snowmobile Museum

For a most unique and unusual type of museum, pop in to Naubinway – especially in winter – to learn about the in-depth history of snowmobiles through the evolution of the vehicle.

Stony Brook, New York

Surprised by the New England feel of Stony Brook, we lingered over museums and parks, soaking in history on our overnight visit to Long Island’s North Shore.

Tuneup at Ford’s Garage

It’s not every day that a car guy finds a car-themed restaurant that hits the spot, both for great food and great memories. Discovering Ford’s Garage in Estero tuned us up to tackle a long travel day.

Auto Know Lake City

It takes a real car guy to find these offbeat treasure troves of auto-related antiques scattered around the quiet little city of Lake City in North Florida.

Motorcycle Museum of Iceland

Horsepower has a different meaning in Akureyri than the rest of Iceland. It’s home to the Motorcycle Museum of Iceland, an impressive collection of working vintage motorbikes.

The National Corvette Museum

The Chevrolet Corvette is a car with its own cult following, which the National Corvette Museum supports with its museum, events, and a Hall of Fame in Kentucky.

Visiting the National Corvette Museum

Corvette lovers rejoice! The National Corvette Museum is your mecca for all things Corvette, from classic cars to memorabilia from Corvette clubs worldwide