Curious about George in Santorini

Santorini volcano
George, the volcanic heart of Santorini

When my sister Sally and I went to Santorini, I was blown away by the geological delights of the places. Just being in the Cyclades was fun enough, but to be roaming about a massive volcano that was still huffing and puffing at its core, call us crazy, but there we were.

After enjoying the delights of Oia and the far shores, we took a boat trip to the cinder cone in the middle of the caldera, which is filled by the sea. From the rim above, it didn’t look so massive as it did when we got off the boat and began to ascend.

George, as the locals call it, spewed out sulfur in fumaroles and deposited crystals of yellow, pink, and orange all over the bubbly basaltic rocks.