Our morning tour did not go as planned but detoured to a lovely forested and steep hill in the middle of the city, where Santiago was founded in 1541. It is ringed with historical sites and botanical gardens. Here is one view from the top, and the Charles Darwin Garden, one of many along the winding pathways.

Reflections of the forested hill
Reflections of the forested hill of Santa Lucia in downtown skyscrapers
Darwin Jardin
Darwin Garden on Santa Lucia. There were many named gardens on this rocky hill.
Cerro Santa Lucia
Grand entrance to the viewing platform reminded me of the Army Corps of Engineers insignia
Cerro Santa Lucia stairs
Steep stairs down Cerro Santa Lucia
Cerro Santa Lucia
Tall walls and iron fences greeted us at the bottom of the hill

We ducked sprinklers as we wove through the many gardens on our way down, and found ourselves locked in! But a friendly city employee came over with a key and let us out of our virtual cage so we could stroll through the Santa Lucia neighborhood.