Sunset on the Oregon Coast Trail
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean on the Oregon Coast Trail at the base of Heceta Head

During our visit to Oregon this fall, we stayed at the Heceta Lighthouse B&B. On my way back down the trail from photographing the Heceta Head Lighthouse, I spotted an Oregon Coast Trail sign on side of a post. The trail turned toward the Pacific Ocean before reaching the B&B. It was nearing sunset and time for our group’s scheduled dinner.

I threw caution into the wind – there is plenty of wind at Heceta Head – and decided to try and reach the beach on the Oregon Coast Trail for what I hoped would be a great sunset photo opportunity.

Heceta Head from the Oregon Coast Trail
Looking down on the Heceta Head Lighthouse from the Oregon Coast Trail

After a couple of long switchbacks, I stood on an almost deserted beach. The clouds may have obscured my sunset photo, but the light illuminating them and reflecting off the beach and water made the trip worthwhile. I may never get to hike the rest of the 382-mile Oregon Coast Trail, but this short visit was a perfect glimpse into the beauty and the ruggedness of the trail.

Here’s an overview of the Heceta Lighthouse B&B, the connecting Oregon Coast Trail, the lighthouse, and the beach.

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