Sunset on the Oregon Coast Trail

Capturing a fleeting moment along the Oregon Coast Trail: sunset over the Pacific Ocean at the base of Heceta Head, home of the famed Heceta Head Lighthouse, north of Florence, Oregon


Viewing Earth from 30,000 feet is a humbling experience, yet the miracle of air travel has become routine, a commodity.

Taking on Portland’s 4T

Portland’s 4T provides a way to loop Oregon’s most bustling metro on foot, including four miles of hiking through mossy forests of towering spruce trees.

Winging it at the Astoria Column

Perched high on a hill above Astoria, Oregon is a beautiful and intricate memorial built in 1925. You can launch a balsa wood airplane while taking in the view of the Columbia River as it meets the Pacific Ocean.

Biking Portland

If you’re going to bike on city streets, make it Portland. Drivers know the rules, dedicated lanes are there for cyclists, and you can get around town quickly.