A Day in Paradise

It’s just another day in Paradise for us, except we actually are in Paradise, Michigan, an excellent base camp for visiting Taquamenon Falls and Whitefish Point.

The Pint-sized Ponces of Punta Gorda

Ponce de Leon, it seems, was a short fellow. In Punta Gorda, Florida, you’ll find pint-sized statues, murals, and even the Fountain of Youth to recollect his 1513 visit to Charlotte Harbor.

Being, in Palolem

Arriving on the shores of Palolem after six weeks of adventures across India and Nepal, my sister Sally and I were ready for some quiet time and a place to heal.

Going Barefoot

One of Florida’s most beautiful beaches, Barefoot Beach in North Naples is a sandy ribbon two miles long with a 2-mile hiking loop to access Wiggins Pass.

The Outer Banks

With wind, water, and vast swaths of public land protecting the oceanfront and Pamlico Sound, the Outer Banks immerse visitors in a natural seashore experience unparalleled on the East Coast

To Spanish Shores

Exploring Florida’s Spanish history up the St. Johns River to the shores south of St. Augustine, with time spent meandering around Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, on the site of the Mala Compara Plantation.

Sacred Cow

When Sally and I found the beach in Goa, we found the respite we sought from the seething masses and perpetual motion that makes up India. It was a place to relax.

The Peanut-Wallah

In India, peace is only for a moment. We had many visitors at the beach in Goa, the most persistent – and cutest – being the peanut-wallah.