Hillside Vineyard

While walking along Panoramaweg, a scenic trail above Baden-Baden, Germany, I saw the perfect symmetry and texture of this vineyard that climbed up and over a hill.

Where gnomes roam

When you’re out for a hike and you see a mushroom like this, you immediately think of gnomes. Especially when you’re hiking through Germany’s Black Forest.

Marlow’s Sweethearts

Parakeets fly free in aviaries at Vogelspark Marlow, a unique “bird zoo” in northern Germany.

Hikes with Wine

One of the more intriguing hikes I’ve taken in the past year was along the Weinwanderweg – translation, “Wine wander way” – in the vineyard-covered hillsides outside Stuttgart, Germany.

Frei Die Toiletten!

I’ve been piddling away Euros these past two weeks while piddling in Germany. In my youth, pay toilets were uncomfortably common in the USA, thankfully no more.