The Indiana Cave Trail

Four show caves in Southern Indiana make up the Indiana Cave Trail, providing close encounters of the underground kind with unusual karst features

Taking the Waters at French Lick

One destination, two hotels with classic European spas: in Indiana! Since the 1840s, French Lick and West Baden Springs have welcomed guests taking the waters.

Visiting the Eiteljorg Museum

In downtown Indianapolis, the Eiteljorg Museum tells the other story of the West, that of the Native Americans who for generations called the open plains their home.

Disappearing Home

An old friend of the family retired a few years ago. Like me, his career ended earlier than he had planned. Without a reason to stay in the area, he loaded up all his belongings in a trailer and in the back of his truck. He relocated and started a new life.

Cornfields and wind farms

Crossing Indiana twice in our travels, I was introduced to a scene I’d not seen before in America: miles and miles of wind turbines turning slowly above the cornfields of the heartland, churning out energy.