Hiking across an Icelandic volcano

John takes a hike across Hengilssvæðið (Hengill), the nearest active volcano to Reykjavik, with boiling springs and other geothermal features along its 140 km network of hiking trails.

Exploring Lava Tubes in Iceland

John takes his own Journey to the Center of the Earth down a lava tube in Iceland with the author of Icelandic Caves, Björn Hróarsson, as his group’s guide.

Iceland’s Hot Stuff

Iceland is hot. Our September 2014 exploration of the country let us come face-to-face with steaming hot geologic features that are otherworldly in nature.

Curious about George in Santorini

Yes, I’ve hiked across a volcano, and a historic one at that: the cinder cone in the middle of the caldera on the island of Santorini, Greece.

Atop Ancient Akroteri

It is a tough climb to ancient Akroteri out of season, accomplished on foot through loose volcanic scree. But the view from the top, and the treasures to be found, make it worthwhile.