Mission Relaxation

To truly let you unwind, a trip to Mackinac Island needs to be a few days long. Having historic Mission Point Resort as our home base provided us a calm, relaxing stay.

The Art of Pasaquan

A story that must be shown: Pasaquan, the artistic expression of a man whose visions led him to embrace all belief systems and make up one of his own

Spirit of Standing Bear

A joyful spirit peering out of an antique washing machine cheered me up as we reached Standing Bear Farm after days of soaking rain on the Appalachian Trail.

Atlantic City’s True Nature

Atlantic City, New Jersey, isn’t where you’d expect a nature trail. But the 1.1 mile AC Waterfront Sculpture Walk, a great birding destination, leads you along a panorama of Atlantic City’s wild spaces.

Quebec’s Ice Hotel

Inside Quebec’s own Ice Hotel, the Hotel de Glace, shiver for the sake of exploring some incredible impermanent art carved in ice and snow.

Bonhomme Nights

The spirit of Quebec’s Winter Carnival is Bonhomme, a jovial snowman who towers larger than life over the festivities. As we explore Quebec City, we find Bonhomme everywhere we go.

Cherry on Top

Art and nature come together in downtown Minneapolis with the whimsical Spoonbridge and Cherry forming the core of a creative collection in the free Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center.

Finding Grace

Visiting Charleston’s gardens with Mom this week, we found Grace in the gardens, a bonding experience and a way to work through grief and memories of the past.

Defining what Art is

Others made “better” art than me, art that glowed with realism. I felt defeated. If I couldn’t make the art in my head come out on the canvas, what was the point?