Race to the Moon: Apollo and Saturn V

It’s the Year of Apollo at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and nowhere is that more evident than in the renovations and additions at the massive Apollo/Saturn V Center.

First on the Moon

North of Dayton, surrounded by farms, the Ohio town of Wapakoneta celebrates its biggest claim to fame: it’s the hometown of Neil Armstrong and home to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum.

Apollo: To the Moon

Reflecting on the 50th anniversary of the launch and landing on the moon by Apollo 11 at Kennedy Space Center, and what it means to American and world history.

Tip of the Keweenaw

Mountain biking to the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula means the opportunity to see what remains of the Keweenaw Rocket Range launch site.

Chasing Rockets in the Keweenaw

When we got wind of a rocket launch site at the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula, it was time for another off-road adventure.

Ready for Launch

Living on Florida’s Space Coast, you’re either wowed by rocket launches or take them as a matter of course. I’m new enough to be wowed by living on the edge of space and being part of a family who worked on the space program.

On a Mission with Space Shuttle Atlantis

Thirty years. Six spacecraft. 135 missions. Learn the rich history of the Space Shuttle program inside Space Shuttle Atlantis, a compelling exhibit space at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, with its primary focus the orbiter Atlantis.

Spacefrog in the Lobster Pot

A morning adventure in which we avoid Battlefrog and find Spacefrog instead after a bear-scented walk through a scrub forest on the Florida Trail.

Mysteries of Soreq

Israel’s only show cave, Soreq, is one of the world’s most highly decorated caves, with an abundance of unusual speleothems. It is protected by Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve.